Heaven Help Hongkong!


在過去的兩天, 香港有數以萬計的示威者舉行集會。當中大多數示威者高舉雙手,向警方和公眾展示他們只用和平方式表達訴求的決心。

由28/9下午5時開始, 香港多個媒體直播示威情況,顯示警方以暴力手段驅散示威者。面對手無寸鐵並極度克制的市民,警方多次舉起警告牌「停止衝擊,否則使用武力」、 「警告,催淚彈」 、「速離,否則開槍」; 最後 (截至28/9晚上9:30),竟然真的發放十多枚催淚彈,當中還有一些是在極近距離射向人群的。





[English Translation]

In the past few days, thousands of people in Hong Kong have been assembling at Admiralty, where the Central Government Complex is located. Most of them raised both of their hands to show HK police and the public their determination in keeping the demonstration peaceful.

Starting from 5pm 28th September 2014, live broadcast of HK media shows that HK Police used disproportionate armed force to disperse demonstrators. Confronting weaponless and well-behaved citizens, HK Police held up signs stating “Stop charging, or we use force”, “Warning, tear smoke” and “Disperse or we fire”. Worse still, HK Police dared to shoot rounds of tear gas canisters at the protestors.

This is by no means appropriate or reasonable with regard to the nature and the factual circumstances of the protest. Rather, this exposes the cowardice of the HK Police Force and the HKSAR Government. This is an abuse of power because there is no riot to any unbiased individuals.

We should not tolerate this kind of unjust measure against humanity. Therefore, we sign this petition to demand Hong Kong Police Force and HKSAR Government to return to civilization, to regain honour and dignity. We also urge our fellow global citizens to help maintain the civility in Hong Kong and to prevent the spread of totalitarianism and terrorism in a once civilized society.

Please sign the petition at Facebook if you agree with the post.



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