No Democrazy! No demo- crazy please!


Saying No to Democracy by putting forward a quasi, if not pseudo, form of universal suffrage (democrazy) , is itself a demonstration of how crazy, if not silly or lazy, politicians, local and national, can be.



I cherish democracy, yet I can only choose honesty and humanity. For honesty, a simple NO to the crazy idea of endorsing “the chosen one in three” in the name of universal suffrage. Sorry, that’s your selection, not our election. You may have your way, but that’s not my way.


Reacting to the “demo-crazy” by acting crazily at the local level for a task which should be targeted at the national level is itself a demonstration of how crazy, if not silly or lazy, political leaders can be.



For humanity, we have to deliberate how we respond. For some, every kind of reaction is counter-revolutionary. For others, revolution is too reactionary today. In fact, Sun and his fellows tried revolution a century ago and years of war followed, yet no democracy has achieved in the Mainland. Amazingly enough, some people can argue that dictatorship is democratic and could be labelled as people’s!

Surely in the so-called people’s nation, everything but the reality belongs to the People while no one but the dictatorship can be identified as the People. Lying and fooling around is the way of dictatorship, lying to the others but fooling oneself by asserting that the others have been fooled.

This is a pathetic nation, not physically or psychologically but philosophically. In other words, there is no remedy except education and time. If there’s not enough truly educated persons who can honestly face the fact and courageously wait for the future, another dictator will emerge in the name of the new people, the new nation or the new truth after the uprising.

I dare not place any hope in those dictators or in any heroes, yet I will not give up hope on my countrymen because the future is not yet done. Some day we will stand up for our own together by standing on our own one by one.

For the time being, treat those we come across compassionately, equally and liberally. If we do so, the power remains in our hand and will be recharged by our deeds.

Power to the people. We the people by our walk, and not by their talk.
(Yes, I am equally silly and crazy, but not lazy, to believe the impact of action at the personal level in dealing with an issue at the national level.)





My wish:
Peace in Revolt, and Liberation from Ideology.

My pledge:
Bring life to my belief by living it.


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