Everything happens for a purpose?

A young man came to an explorer and asked, “does everything happen for a purpose?”

The live explorer replied by throwing back a question, “where did you get the idea that everything happens for a purpose?”

“I heard it in a soap drama on television.”

“It makes perfect sense then, as everything happens for a purpose in a drama. Right?”

The young man nodded at first, but immediately came up with another question, “what if I heard it over a daily conversation between a parent and a child or between a teacher and a pupil?”

“It makes perfect sense as well, as one always wants to make believe that there is a purpose for everything happened.”

A passer-by, who happened to stand next to the young man and overheard the conversation, addressed the explorer, “it seems to me that you don’t believe in the purpose of life. Don’t you know that the life of a man without a purpose is not different from a life as a dog?”

The live explorer replied, “first of all, the life of a dog is as vital and valuable as the life of any living things, though how they live may be quite different. Secondly, that there is not a purpose for everything happened is different from that there is no purpose in a human life. As a machine made by human beings, it is logical to state that something happens for a purpose. And as inventors, human beings tend to set a purpose for what they do, and try to find a purpose or a meaning in whatever happens to them. The purpose-driven way of living is a major difference between human beings and other living things.”

“How silly I am, talking to a machine and listening to its reply! Live explorer? You are simply another copycat of the real-time human-machine interface by the outdated web browser? You are not an explorer for life! I am! Who do you think you are…” The passer-by murmured and exited.

Does everything happen for a reason? Yes, if a reason means the mechanism of how it happens, the conditions under which it happens or the consequence of its happening. No, if a reason implies a purpose, a meaning, or an intention.

That not everything happens for a purpose does not preclude that one can find a purpose in one’s life. Perhaps finding the purpose of one’s life is the major meaningful purpose of being a human.

Reblog of a post from Chunks and Crumbs


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