What matters?

In the beginning, nothing matters. (Perhaps there is no beginning at all.)

Then, something matters. (We have no clear idea about what that something is, though some call it the Big Bang.)

Then, everything matters.

  • First, matter matters. Basically, matter means everything. Does it matter though?
  • Then, life matters. Life has a lot of expressions which are called by different names such as cells, organisms, plants, animals, insects and mammals. Life is everything to Planet Earth.
  • Then, group matters. Life that takes group as a new base is called eusocial animals. In insects, there are termites, bees and ants. In mammals, there are wolves, lions and primates. Some of them have developed tools, while some of them use peers of different phenotypes as tools. Besides, they build homes. Group is everything to evolution.
  • Then, mind matters. Based on the social and technological achievements, homo sapiens takes over the stage. They flourish and they get nearly everything into troubles. Mind is everything to civilization.
  • Now, what matters? Maybe an awakening of the “mind that everything matters” can help. That everything matters is everything to the future (the Not Yet).

Hope this can energize all who cares what on earth matters.

(An insight seized by reading the title of a television by CCTV, “Dialogue: idea matters”. Actually, in dialogue, people matters.)

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