A nexus of ideas 心相之誌

Who am I? Or actually who is dkycheng? To know someone is to have a general picture of that person, i.e. a picture of the body or a picture of the mind. The body can be portrayed in graphs but the mind can be only represented by one’s words and deeds. Words are ideas expressed and deeds are ideas executed. At the platform of WordPress, surely one expects the words, i.e. the mental picture. In other words, this blog is not about dkycheng. It is only a place to share the ideas that occur to me. Some of these ideas are logged in my other blogs.


Chunks & Crumbs 一天一點心思- Blog entries by Daniel-Kin 丹尼耳虔的本來心思

Works TO LAST 眾的幹活 - Works by LeaderSEA as a company 眾的工作網頁

Philo Polis 胸懷家國天下 - 十力與耀邦喚醒的華夏心靈 Ideas for Common People and Philosopher-Kings from Oldies in China

Reading, Rejoicing & Reaching out 穴宇.閱與.說予.越汝 - At home in the Universe and in the Sea of Words, Wissens and Wisdom 穴於星海,閱於書海,說予學海,越汝慧海

Not Yet? Here and Now! 絡繹於天末與未來 - (About the dream 烏托之夢) Is it here and now? Not Yet! Not yet here, Not yet now 絡繹於天末與未來; (About the pursuit of the dream 夢之成真) Yet it begins here and now! 樂役於未來天末

ai2last at leadersea 愛到天腳底 - [ai] to LAST, Down to Earth, a collection of the blog entries. 有關A-eye或[ai]的匯集與散發


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